Game Modes

Some items allow players to attack each other by discarding their resources. The attacker randomly picks and discards resources from the target opponent’s hand. The amount of resources to discard is indicated on the used item card.

Duel Mode

Board Royale® can be played by 2 players within Duel Mode rules. Players start as regular with 5 resources. At the beginning of resources phase players draw 3 resources instead of 2. Also when the preparation round ends and stealing action is available, the steal amount is increased by 1. Once in a turn, players can trade with ground by discarding 2 resources from their hands to take one resource of their choice from the discard pile or the resource deck. Final rule of Duel Mode is the reducing the hand limit from 20 to 14. With these simple rule changes you can enjoy Board Royale Duel for 1v1 fast paced game experience with your friends.


Search and remove all Escape items from the Item Deck. This means there’s no other way to survive and there is no room for cowards, only the last remaining survivor wins the game!

Peaceful Game

When a player is attacked, instead of discarding resources, the attacking player draws resources equal to the number of cards that the target opponent did not discard and places them face down next to their items. When the Resource Deck runs out of cards, the player that has collected the most resources wins the game.

Note: Players can’t use these collected resources.

Escape Together

This game need 4 to 6 players to play with. At the beginning of the game, players may team as they wish. The aim of this mode to collect sum of 15 escape points. The first team reaches 15 escape points wins the game.

Quick Game

For a quick game of Board Royale®, increase the number of items on the Crafting Field from 4 to 6 and draw 3 resource cards at the resource phase instead of 2, as well as stealing action to 2 cards instead of 1. Whenever a player is eliminated, lower the hand limits of the remaining players by 3.

Party Game Mode

Players can tweak the rules of discarding to a shot drinking game or truth / dare concept for more fun while avoiding discards.

Getting Crowded

This mode is suitable for 4 or more players. For more than 6 players, add one more item per additional player to the Crafting Field (5 items for 7 players, 6 for 8 players, etc.). At the beginning of the game, draw an extra 1 resource per additional player (e.g. In a 7 player game, players start with 7 resources). Beware: The Resource and Item Decks included in Board Royale are only set for 6 players, so you may run out of resources or can get a different experience based on your choice of maximum players.