Highly competitive, easy to learn and super socializing card game


Experience The Ultimate Survival

You and your friends are stranded on a deserted island and the last man standing wins the game. Gather resources, craft items, and shoot your friends. Make agreements, trade with each other and betray your best friends before they do. Get to know the true colors of your friends and see what they are capable of when it comes to their survival!

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Basics of the Game


Gather Resources

Resources are the currency of your life, if you are out them you are out of the game. Gather from nature, steal from others or watch the skies for an airdrop. Keep in mind that the biggest wars of human history were caused by the desire for resources or to bring democracy.

Craft Items

You need to craft items to fight against your beloved friends. A trap to knock them out, a shotgun to leave a mark, a bandage to stop the bleeding or a boat to run away to salvation. There are so many incredible items if you have enough resources to craft them all. All items are equal but some items are more equal.


Trade & Negotiate

Every kind of deal, negotiation and agreement is allowed. Use your social skills to convince others to attack someone else, make smart agreements to get back the upper hand, and dominate the island with the power of your silver tongue. Remember, not every war is won on the battlefield.

Last one standing wins the game!

Watch our detailed “how to play” video to learn Board Royale under 5 minute and get some tactics that you can implement.

Quotes from others

From various different places around, we are happy to say that we got 90% positive feedback. Check them out!

Mark Streed -The Dice Tower

Super fast pace and very cutthroat. You really get that thematic sense of desperate survival.


We’ve been having a great time with the prototype of Board Royale: The Island! Easy to learn and super cutthroat. Strangely reminds me of the old days



This game is fun! Every session is different, exciting and scary all at once. This was a happy surprise. It's a 'keeper' for me



This will be a game we bring out in groups for a while.



A cutthroat survival-card gamme! So far I really like the combination of simple rules and engaging, vicious gameplay. The theme really comes through in this game.



The game is very enjoyable, which is stupidly easy to teach, very simple gameplay, and deeply competitive. It was a huge hit with my group, who are already asking me when they can play again., which is the greatest compliment for any game.



For me in this game and context it works and really does fin in with the survival theme and fighting for your life.



This game has some really fun parts! My favorite part, and I'm sure that most player agree with me, is the negotiation part. You can win this game purely based on your social skillss, and I like that.



The liberty of actions is actually what makes this game a gem. Simple rules with big impact.



First, I thought that if someonee gets the lead all the others lose instantly. But not in this Board Royale - You can blackmail other players to give you resources and threaten them or you can trade with them and form alliances to fight against leading players.



Look at the beautiful artwork on the cards for the game Board Royale... Very confrontational, a little mean and easy to learn



Board Royale is a last one standing, take that, knock out game where you are only as strong as your items. Will you fight for dominance or try to escape



Looking forward to seeing if I have what it takes to be the last person standing, escape or perish to my opponents.










Our Backers On Kickstarter

List of the people that backed us to create this amazing game. Thank you all for being a part of this adventure. We wouldn’t be here without you.

Expansion Packs

More weapons, disasters, new characters or just pure fun… Board Royale Expansion Packs comes with many new features, cards, and game mechanics. Every expansion is designed to play with the base game, individually or mix and match the expansions as you wish. And if you want to watch the world burn, play all expansions at the same time.


Military Pack

More firearms, attachment upgrades, and whole new explosive mechanics to blow up your friends!


Disaster Pack

Like your friends weren’t enough, now the island is trying to kill you with different ways too!


Skills Pack

Each class comes with 7 skills that are associated with that class which are unlocked at the beginning of each round.



Why is everyone wearing black leather bounds? Is that a ball in your mouth? What was that? Was that a Psycho Unicorn? Ohh...


Join the island

We can assure you, we won’t send you unnecessary and boring emails. We will send you mails like a message in a bottle. Some will lead you to a treasure, some will open the gates to a new world and some of them will be an invitation to a once in a lifetime event.


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