Card Anatomy

Crafted items can be used immediately as long as the conditions and limits indicated on the cards are followed. Items can be temporary or permanent. Some need extra resources or items to be used.

All crafted items can be used by their owners and also lent to other players as a part of an agreement only on their turns. Think wisely before suggesting or accepting any agreement!

Permanent Items

Items with “YELLOW” background are the permanent items. These items are not discarded after use! A player can continue using them as indicated.

Temporary Items

Items with “GREEN” background are the temporary items. These items are discarded after use. Read the descriptions on the cards carefully; they might have other uses as well!

Escape Items

These “BLUE” backgrounded items are also permanent items but they don’t have any active ability. If a player collects 10 points worth of escape items they escape from the island and wins the game immediately! Complete an escape set by crafting each set item in the same set and directly get 10 escape points. Item pieces in the sets don’t have any crafting priority or order.

Quick Reference Icons

Every card has its own ability and using conditions. Some are instant, some has usage limitations, some have multiple abilites and on. To make it easier to comprehend what that card does at first sight, we added reference icons. Here you can find the list of icons and their meanings.

Instant Use

This type of items can be used at any time, regardless of whose turn it is, unless it is indicated otherwise in the item description.

(X) Use Limit

Some of the items can only be used limited times in a round. That limit will be displayed in the center of the icon. After using the item to that limit, a player may tap (rotate) the item card as a reminder until the next turn.


These items let players discard resources from target opponents’ hand.


These items are explosives with different uses. Also some explosive items destroys target opponents desired item cards.


These items increase players’ hand limit.

Use On Reveal

When a reveal-use item is drawn, that item’s action is applied immediately. Discard it afterwards.


These items let players draw cards, usually resources but also occasionally items.


These items let players take resources from other players to their own hand.


These items protect players from attacks in various ways.


Makes the target opponent to skip their next turn.