Board Royale® has some keywords that defines specific actions under specific rules. You can find all the terminology in this article.


Draw the indicated amount of cards in order from the top of the Item or Resource Decks not from other players.


Search the decks and take the indicated amount and type of cards described on the used item card’s ability. This can also be done from either the Discard Pile or the bottom of the indicated Deck.


The attacking player randomly picks and discards resources from the target opponent’s hand and puts them in the discard pile. Players may also remove specific resources as described on the item descriptions.


Put the indicated card(s) on the Discard Pile and open a new four items.


Take a random resource from the target opponent.

“Target Opponent”

Chosen opponent to interact with.


Put the targeted item on the Item Discard Pile.


Discard the indicated amount of resource(s) from your hand to use the ability of an item.


Discard the required item to use the ability (mostly used by firearms). Note: “Pay” and “Spend” work differently. “Pay” uses player resources and “Spend” uses items owned by the player.


When there is more than one use case of an item, select one.

“In Play Order”

Actions affect each player in a clockwise rotation, starting with the current player.


Players choose which resource to give.


Player’s turn is over.


When an item with avoid ability is used the defender does not take damage from the attacks. But the attacker’s resource, ammo or temporary item is consumed.