Some items allow players to attack each other by discarding their resources. The attacker randomly picks and discards resources from the target opponent’s hand. The amount of resources to discard is indicated on the used item card.

Attack Sequence

Whenever a player attacks an opponent, the attack sequence becomes turn-based. First, the attacker declares who is going to be attacked and with which item. Second, the attacker pays the cost of the item (or discards the temporary item used). At this point, the defender has a chance to use an instant card to react to this attack. Depending on the ability of the instant card that the defending player used, the damage resolves.

Avoiding Attacks

If the defender, uses an item that indicates “avoid”, doesn’t take the damage and the resource, ammo or temporary items that are used by the attacking player is consumed. If the defender uses a damage-dealing instant card, the attacker’s damage applies first.

Responding With Instant Items

For example, let’s say the defender has 1 resource left and has an instant item “Medkit” allows them to draw 4 resources. When the attacker uses an item that applies 3 damage, the defender reacts by using this instant “medkit” item. Defender draws 4 resources first that sets their resource amount to 5. After this reaction, the attacker’s 3 damage is applied and the defender survives with 2 resources remaining.

Attack Clarification

If an action requires the target player to discard resources from their Hand, it is considered as an Attack. In addition, using the Steal action (at the start of the turn or by an item ability) is considered as an Attack.

For example, if a player uses a Grenade to destroy an opponent’s item, it is not considered as an Attack, because the opponent is not required to discard any resources from their Hand; therefore, the opponent can’t use the Run Away card to counter this move.

Attack Example

To understand how attacking mechanism works in Board Royale®, we prepared a basic step by step example.

Step One

Jane paid the cost and crafted the permanent item named “Knife” which has a unique ability to deal 2 damage with a cost of 1 food.

Step Two

Jane pays 1 Food to use the Knife on Mike. Jane randomly picks 2 resources from Mike’s hand and discards them. She repeats this 3 more times, discarding a total of 8 resources from Mike’s hand. Jane must resolve every Attack action one by one, giving Mike a chance to respond to each attack.

Step Three

Mike is left with only 4 resources in his hand. Believing that Jane does not have any more Food to continue attacking him, he is relieved. Jane asks the other players if they have any food they can trade with her.

Step Four

Frank tells Jane that he will give her 2 Food if she agrees to share the Loot with him.

Step Five

Right before they come to an evil agreement, Maria breaks in and uses her instant Grenade on Jane’s Knife and destroys it! It was a good call, because if Jane and Frank shared Mike’s loot, it would probably become harder for Maria to beat them. Now Maria is thinking about how to kill Mike and loot all his stuff for herself!