Skills Pack

Everyone’s got a gimmick now. Engineer, thief, medic, diplomat and more. Choose a character and use your skills to beat or help your friends. Unique and more tactical ways to survive against your dear friends are waiting for you in this expansion pack.


Skills Expansion comes with 7 unique character classes to expand the Board Royale® The Island base game. Each class has 7 skills (4 Temporary, 3 Permanent Skill) that are associated with that class. Skill cards of the classes unlock at the beginning of each round. Survivalist has an exception, but we will come to that later.

Before starting the game all players pick one character class to play with and places the skill cards in front of them face-down in order from the lowest tier to the highest.

Once the preparation round ends, each player reveals their first, the lowest tier skill card of their class facing up and the game starts.

Rules & Exceptions

1) At the start of each round, all players reveal their next skill.
2) Skill cards cannot be destroyed, looted, taken or traded.
3) Each class has its own advantages and some of them rely on different actions to be followed through the game.
4) Survivalist’s first skill comes active at the beginning of the game (not after preparation round) and always continues 1 skill tier ahead.


Revived players cannot be attacked till their next turn and previously used skills abilities don’t reset. The revived player comes back to the game with the same skill tier with other players.


You cannot redirect an attack back to the attacker (unless the explanation especially stated). If there are no other available targets to redirect the incoming attack, then the attack is simply ignored.

Note: There are temporary and permanent skills for each class. Mind the ability bonus and use amounts to avoid any game-breaking actions that might occur.

Skill Classes

Each class comes with 7 skills that are associated with that class. Skills unlock at the beginning of each round. Once the preparation round ends, each player reveals their first, the lowest tier skill card of their class facing up and the game starts. At the start of each round, all players reveal their next skill.


Discard pile is your way of survival. Use them to your advantage. Climb your way to become a true opportunist. And always hold your placard up in the air: Recycling, can make a difference!
One Man’s Trash, Scraps, Junkrat, Garbage Digger, Scrapjet, Still Works, Opportunist


You have an oath to help that in need. But also you need to survive. A restoring hand is the best exchange material that you can offer. Use your skills to help fallen friends in order to collaborate with them.
First Aid, Do No Harm, Field Medic, Lifesaving, Diagnose, CPR, Naturopathy.


A cost-effective engineer is the best engineer. Use your skills to become the master of resources. Crafting, dismantling and fixing items efficiently is your expertise and blueprints are your best friends.
Dismantle, Efficiency, Cost Effective, Pragmatism, I Can Fix That, Eureka, Blueprints


As a sneaky thief; mug, snoop, rob, and pickpocket others to become the thief prince of survival. In the end, sharing is caring if you are not the one that shares.
Mugging, Snooping, Greed, Conman, Cutpurse, Robbery, Pick Pocket


Words can cut deeper than any other blade. Your secret agenda requires you to manipulate others to your cause. Every trade, every collaboration offer is hiding plans that only you can understand. You are not the man that pulls the trigger, you are the man that tells someone to pull the trigger for yourself.
One Liberate, Freedom of Speech, Silver Tongue, Campaign, Geopolitics, Feign Death, Diplomatic Immunity.


Every trigger you pull has a deeper meaning. All these training prepared you for this very moment. Now it’s time to put your skills to use and show your fellow friends who is the real warrior.
Lock’n Load, Weak Spot, My Rifle, This Is For Fun, Spray & Pray, Shoot To Kill, Retaliate.


This is your game and your friends need to acknowledge it. You are the one that knows what it takes to survive and how to find more valuables. You know every tree, rock and plant like the back of your hand. With this knowledge start your survival, one step ahead.
One Step Ahead, Thorns, Carrier, Forager, Nature’s Lore, NDE, Gatherer.