Military Pack

More firearms, attachment upgrades, and whole new explosive mechanics to blow up your friends! You can either start shooting or you may create your own militaristic tactics! The Military Expansion Pack brings the fun of firepower to the Island.


First of all, seperate 4 disguised (2x Booby Trap and 2x Mine) items which has a resource card back into the resource deck and shuffle well.

Then take all other Military Pack item cards and shuffle them with the Board Royale® The Island base game item cards. After you place the decks on the table, the game is ready to begin.

Disguised Items

Disguised items are temporary item cards in disguise of resource cards. They do not count as resource. Frankly, you can not craft anything with them but when a player with a disguised item gets attacked, there’s a chance that attacking opponent might try to discard it and face with umm… Unforeseen consequences?

How Disguised Items Works

Items with a disguise icon should be placed in the resource deck. Disguised items act like any normal resource card. When an attacker discards one of these items, the ability of the disguised items triggers immediately and the remaining discard count is canceled. A player can also steal a disguised item but in that case the items do not get triggered and does not deal any damage to the player who stole them. Players can be eliminated by disguised items. If so, the defending player can loot the attacking player.

Attachment Cards

They do not provide any ability on their own; they must be attached to another firearm item. We didn’t put another icon for “firearms” because we thought it is kind of obvious. Frankly, putting a laser pointer to a knife or a spear will not mean a thing. Once attached on a firearm, they cannot be removed from that item. They considered as 1 item together. So, when items with attachments are destroyed, the attachments are destroyed as well. Also if the attachment is used, it uses the item’s use limit.


A player may not use an item if it means they will eliminate themself from the game. e.g. A player had C4 placed on their only weapon, using it would cause them to lose 4 cards. If they have 4 or less cards, they cannot use that item since it would cause them to be eliminated from the game.

Defuse Kits

Players with the Defuse Kit can destroy explosives and instantly counter the effects of explosive items.

New Bullets

The Military pack includes 2 new bullet types that have bonus abilities. These abilities only work with single target attacks. This means, you can not use the abilities on multiple targets with the same bullet item card.

Armor Cards

Protective, practical and fashionable. Use armors to take less damage from the incoming attacks and live another day.