Survival Has Evolved

With Co-op and Peaceful Mechanincs

Board Royale has been a super cutthroat survival card game where you fight against your friends until there is one survivor remains. Not anymore! We are presenting new collaborative and peaceful competitive expansions that will add a new meaning to survival. Board Royale is about to become a truly sandbox game that can be played by all types of players and playstyles! YES, we are talking about wild beasts, the army of the dead, and secret agendas.

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Missions Expansion Pack

New Expansion Packs

Have you ever thought about why you have been stranded on this Island? Everything is a part of a big sinister plan set in motion by K.R.A.K.E.N. Industries. They brought you here for… job application. With this expansion, we removed the elimination from the game and you will complete your missions to get a free ticket out of the island and win the game.

Wild Hunt Expansion

New Expansion Packs

Have you heard the rumblings? The creatures of K.R.A.K.E.N. Industries have escaped from their cages. They are hungry and deadly! Now you must stand side-by-side and face these monsters together. It is time to show the mightiness of being united.

Zombies Expansion Pack

Semi Co-op Expansion

Dead has decided to take a stroll. Bizarre experiments of K.R.A.K.E.N. Industries resulted in a very “predictable” conclusion and they all turned into zombies... Well, doesn’t anyone watch movies in this Industry? You must stand together to face the zombies with different types, mutations, and apparels. But be careful, when a survivor gets eliminated by zombies, they join the army of the dead and start haunting your friends.

Most Beloved Pack Expanding

Skills II Expansion Pack

The Island is so popular now. It is full of new faces. With different and unique abilities, Skills 2 Expansion brings 6 new unique character classes to expand fun on the island. Spy, Influencer, Salesmen, Courier and more to be revealed through our campaign.

Kickstarter Exclusive Pack

Secret Weapons Expansion Pack

An abandoned K.R.A.K.E.N. High-Tech Vault was discovered. It's full of experimental high-tech weapons for the next-gen items. Plasma cannons, scientific devices, drones, turrets and they work with a tiny power cell. Some of these devices look otherworldly. Will you be able to get your hands on them?

It’s always great to hear from you.

Thank you all!

Mark Streed

The Dice Tower

Played a bunch with my family today, they all LOVED it. Wild Hunt was the family favorite.



What's better than competitive Board Royale? Cooperative monster slaying in Board Royale. A really refreshing game mode.

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