Skills Info


Everyone's got a gimmick now. Engineer, thief, medic, diplomat, and more. Choose a character and use your skills to beat or help your friends. Unique and more tactical ways to survive against your dear friends are waiting for you in this expansion pack. Each class comes with 7 skills that are associated with that class. Skills unlock at the beginning of each round. Before starting the game all players pick one character class to play with and place the skill cards in front of the face-down in order from the lowest tier to the highest. Once the preparation round ends, each player reveals their first, the lowest tier skill card of their class facing up and the game starts. At the start of each round, all players reveal their next skill.

board royale scavenger


Discard pile is your way of survival. Use them to your advantage. Climb your way to become a true opportunist. And always hold your placard up in the air: Recycling can make a difference!

board royale medic


You have the oath to help those in need. But also you need to survive. A restoring hand is the best exchange material that you can offer. Use your skills to help fallen friends in order to collaborate with them.

board royale thief


As a sneaky thief; mug, spoon, rob, and pickpocket others to become the thief prince of survival. In the end, sharing is caring if you are not the one that shares.