Disaster Pack

Like your friends weren’t enough, now the island is trying to kill you, too! Even the designers of this game barely survived against it! Natural disasters turned the island into chaos. You can try to survive against this chaos by yourself or involuntarily team-up with your beloved former-friends.


Add and shuffle the 11 Disasters Expansion items together with the Board Royale® The Island Base Game items. Form a separate deck by shuffling the 33 disaster and 16 weather cards and placing them next to the item deck.

Card Types

The disaster pack contains 3 different card types. 1) Disaster & Fortune cards with black frame. 2) Weather & Condition cards with white frame. 3) Disease cards with green frame. Each type of card has different unique mechanics. Once the preparation round ends, just before the resource phase, players reveal one card from the Disaster pile at the start of each turn even if they are going to skip their turns.

Disasters & Fortunes

Have you ever encountered a volcanic eruption during a thunderstorm while escaping from a tsunami? You will! Disaster cards are instant effect cards which means they must be resolved immediately after reveal. Everyone will be affected and everyone will suffer. Turning this into an advantage is up to you!

Weathers & Conditions

Always check the forecast before starting a day, especially on this island. It has a bit unstable climate. Weather cards remains active until it is resolved by all players once, no new disaster cards are revealed until the weather or condition ends. When all players have resolved the weather or condition card on their turn, the active card is discarded. The next player reveals a new disaster card to avoid the same player getting affected twice.


Well, we are already globally used to it aren’t we? Put your masks on and keep your social distance! (Literally. We are serious.) Disease cards have special conditions that can be permanent or temporary on the survivors. The effects are described on each card. Who would have thought that a sneeze can turn into a weapon?

New Co-Op Mode

In this mode, you can remove the weapon cards from the deck. All players will try to survive together. They need to collect 5 escape points per player plus 5 to win the game (For example, a 4 player group should collect 25 escape points to win the game) or stay alive a number of rounds. If a player gets eliminated, the game is over.

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