Board Royale - Zombies Expansion Pack

Board Royale - Zombies Expansion Pack

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  • BOARD ROYALE is a Survival Card Game with Battle Royale mechanics. You and your friends are stranded on a deserted Island! This expansion switches the competitive gameplay of Board Royale into a semi-cooperative experience.

  • ZOMBIE HORDE IS COMING! Once living now dead haunts you and your friends. Walkers, crawlers, biters which one are you afraid of the most? Fight side-by-side with other players to defeat a zombie horde.

  • EACH ZOMBIE IS UNIQUE! There are 3 types of cards to create a unique zombie for each encounter. Zombie, mutation, and apparel. As if the zombies alone are not enough they have disgusting mutations that you have to take into consideration while fighting against them. And also with different apparel, the zombies come in with a variety of lootable rewards! Use them wisely.

  • FALLEN PLAYERS, RISE AS ZOMBIES! If one of your party members dies, they turn into a zombie and start controlling other zombies against you.

  • PLAYERS: For 1-6 players (This expansion pack enables the Solo Play9. Age: 13 and UP. GAME DURATION: 30-60 Mins (Game time differs depending on the player count) INSTRUCTIONS: English.