Board Royale - Skills 2 Expansion Pack

Board Royale - Skills 2 Expansion Pack

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  • BOARD ROYALE is a Survival Card Game with Battle Royale mechanics. You and your friends are stranded on a deserted Island! Play one of the nine new epic classes. Island got lots of popularity in recent years and everyone is here now. This expansion pack increases the depth and adds complexity to the Board Royale base game experience. Choose your class, design your tactics around your skills and eliminate your opponents with style. The Board Royale becomes more strategic with this expansion pack.

  • Spy, Influencer, Salesman, Courrier, Dealer, Cook, Hacker, Actress, and Mad Scientist. Everyone's got a gimmick now. Choose a character and use your skills to beat or help your friends. Unique and more tactical ways to survive against your dear friends are waiting for you in this expansion pack. Each class comes with 7 skills that are associated with that class. Skills unlock at the beginning of each round.

  • FAST START, EASY TO LEARN! A turn-based flexible game! Board Royale can be learned in under 5 minutes but it offers endless fun. Start a game and begin survival. Also, there is no need for long preparations. You just need two decks to play and friends. “This game plays amazingly well at our lunch table at work. People get dealt in as they sit down.” -Riely Molloy

  • EVERY KIND OF DEAL IS ALLOWED! You can play Board Royale in as many different ways as you can. The limit is your own imagination. Strategic thinking,
    manipulation, collaboration, and betrayal. Do everything to defeat others and become the last man standing. MANY WAYS TO PLAY: There are lots of different play modes for Board Royale. Choose the one that fits your playstyle. Also, you can create your own home rules. “The sweet spot of Board Royale is the freedom it gives to players.” -GameKickstarter

  • PLAYERS: For 2-6 players (There is a Dual Mode for 2 players). Age: 13 and UP. GAME DURATION: 30-60 Mins (Game time differs depending on the player count) INSTRUCTIONS: English. CONTENTS: New "Skills" card type. 9 Classes with different abilities and strategies! Map of the island to survive (Game Board), Rulebook, Madbook ( Written by play testers to guide to real survival to newcomers.