Absolutely NOT! Board Royale is a highly competitive survival card game which means you have to be a ruthless backstabber in order to survive on the island.

You need two things to start playing Board Royale. Firstly a copy of The Board Royale Base Game. It’s basic and it’s essential. Yes, there are lots of expansions to increase the fun above the skies. But in the end, The Base Game is the only thing you need to start playing it. And the second requirement is “Friend(s)”. Board Royale is a 2-6 player game. So you need one or more friends to kill on the island.

Because they are fun, duh! Every expansion is designed for different purposes. Military Pack designed to add new and epic firepower items to the game. Disaster Pack designed to make the players feel like they are facing against the powers of the island and to increase tension. Skills Pack designed to give each player unique skill sets and perks to use against their friends. NSFW Pack designed for just pure fun. It gives a party tone and feels to the game. Each pack must be played with The Base Game. How many expansions you will use is depending on your level of insanity.

Yes, it does. You can give it a try and share it with your friends from here:

Yes, you can. We included a few empty card templates on some expansions for you to design and play with your own cards. Also, we are creating a community app that includes a feature to create your custom cards and share with people.

It is a game that you need to kill your friends to win. But if you don’t want to kill your friends you can make a strategy and use escape cards to leave the Island. You will win either way. Also, we hope that you didn’t ask for real life.

Madbook is some kind of a rulebook that gives examples about the limitless player interactions that you can add to the game. Trades, betrayals, collaborations, different play styles and much more.

It’s a card game with a thematic board. We know the name of the game is “Board” Royale but don’t let it confuse you.

The Board Royale requires 2-8 players to play. But we suggest you to play it with at least 3 players for the best survival experience.

No, it is a +13 game. Unless you are playing NSFW Expansion Pack. NSFW Expansion turns the whole game into a +18 game.

There are no printed versions for other languages but we are working with our community to translate cards into other languages. Then we will share them on a community app that is still working in progress. You will be able to search and find translated versions of all the cards. We don’t have any plans for the printed versions, yet.

We are a group of game enthusiasts and professionals that came together to make one of a kind games and create unforgettable memories.

We love to collaborate with the retailers around the world and if you’d like to get more information, send an email to:

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The Rulebook

Learn the rules of the Island.

The Madbook

Learn the rules of the survival.

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