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You and your friends are stranded on a deserted island and the last man standing wins the game. Gather resources, craft items, and shoot your friends. Make agreements, trade with each other, and betray your best friends before they do. Get to know the true colors of your friends and see what they are capable of when it comes to their survival!

board royale resources

Gather Resources

Resources are the currency of your life, if you are out them you are out of the game. Gather from nature, steal from others, or watch the skies for an airdrop. Keep in mind that the biggest wars of human history were caused by the desire for resources or to bring democracy.

board royale items

Craft Items

You need to craft items to fight against your beloved friends. A trap to knock them out, a shotgun to leave a mark, a bandage to stop the bleeding, or a boat to run away to salvation. There are so many incredible items if you have enough resources to craft them all. All items are equal but some items are more equal.

board royale trade

Trade & Negotiate

Every kind of deal, negotiation, and agreement is allowed. Use your social skills to convince others to attack someone else, make smart agreements to get back the upper hand, and dominate the island with the power of your silver tongue. Remember, not every war is won on the battlefield.