Board Royale Expansion

Military Pack

More firearms, attachment upgrades, and whole new explosive mechanics to blow up your friends! You can either start shooting or you may create your own militaristic tactics! The Military Expansion Pack brings the fun of firepower to the Island.


  • More than 80 new and unique items to shoot or blow things up.
  • Armors, Firearm Attachments, Explosives and Disguised items.
  • More importantly... BAZOOKAs!

How To Play Military Pack

Watch our detailed “how to play” video to learn Board Royale under 5 minute and get some tactics that you can implement.

left-plant right-plant

Attachment Cards


A scope to aim farther, a grip to shoot steady or a laser pointer to create a dramatic scene. Upgrade weapons to becaome more efficient against your friends. Look professional, kill professional!


Disguised Items

No attack is safe anymore… Just when you think you are discarding some resources with a self esteem, you can step on a mine or trigger a booby trap.

New Bullet Types

Upgrade your weapons with new kinds of bullets and add new perspectives to the shooting. PS. Rockets just designed for pure mad heads


Armor Cards

Protective, practical and fashionable. Use armors to take less damage from the incoming attacks and live another day.


Get Your Military Pack Now!

Add unique and more tactical ways to your survial experience!


Expansion Packs

More weapons, disasters, new characters or just pure fun… Board Royale Expansion Packs comes with many new features, cards, and game mechanics. Every expansion is designed to play with the base game, individually or mix and match the expansions as you wish. And if you want to watch the world burn, play all expansions at the same time.


Disaster Pack

Like your friends weren’t enough, now the island is trying to kill you with different ways too!


Skills Pack

Each class comes with 7 skills that are associated with that class which are unlocked at the beginning of each round.



Why is everyone wearing black leather bounds? Is that a ball in your mouth? What was that? Was that a Psycho Unicorn? Ohh...


Join the island

We can assure you, we won’t send you unnecessary and boring emails. We will send you mails like a message in a bottle. Some will lead you to a treasure, some will open the gates to a new world and some of them will be an invitation to a once in a lifetime event.


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