Board Royale Expansion

Disaster Pack

Like your friends weren't enough, now the island is trying to kill you too! Even we carely survived against it! Natural disasters turned the island into chaos. You can try to survive against this chaos by yourself or involutarily team-up with your beloved former-friends.


  • New game mechanic.
  • Weather, Disaster, Disease and Condition card types.
  • New items
  • Survive against the boards, co-op mode.

New Mechanic

The disaster pack contains 3 different card types. Disaster, Weather and Disease. Each type of disaster/fortune has different unique mechanics. Once the preparation round ends, before the resources phase, players reveal one card from the disaster pile at the start of each turn if they are going to skip their turns.

How To Play Disaster Pack

Watch our detailed “how to play” video to learn Board Royale under 5 minute and get some tactics that you can implement.

left-plant right-plant

Disaster Cards

Have you ever encountered a volcanic eruption during a thunderstorm while escaping from a tsunami? You will! Disaster cards are instant effect cards. Everyone will be affected and everyone will suffer. Turning this into an advantage is up to you!

Weather Cards

Always check the forecast before starting a day, especially on this island. It has a bit unstable climate. Wearher cards remain active until they are resolved by all survivors once, no new disaster cards are revealed until the weather ends. When all survivors have resolved the weather card on their turn, it is discarded.


Disease Cards

Put your masks on and keep your social distance! Disease cards have special conditions that can be permanent or temporary on the survivors. Who would have thought that a sneeze can turn into a weapon?

New Co-Op Mode

Sometimes the worst disasters can be dealt with by the power of unity. Come together with your friends and survive against the natural powers of the island. In this mode, you can remove the weapon cards from the deck. All survivors need to collect 5 escape points per survivor gets eliminated, the game is over.


Get Your Disaster Pack Now!

Add unique and more tactical ways to your survial experience!


Expansion Packs

More weapons, disasters, new characters or just pure fun… Board Royale Expansion Packs comes with many new features, cards, and game mechanics. Every expansion is designed to play with the base game, individually or mix and match the expansions as you wish. And if you want to watch the world burn, play all expansions at the same time.


Military Pack

More firearms, attachment upgrades, and whole new explosive mechanics to blow up your friends!


Skills Pack

Each class comes with 7 skills that are associated with that class which are unlocked at the beginning of each round.



Why is everyone wearing black leather bounds? Is that a ball in your mouth? What was that? Was that a Psycho Unicorn? Ohh...


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